Pain free knees

8-12 weeks program (not just a rehab program)

Comprehensive examination of your tendons

Phase-specific guidelines

Video Instruction

Science-Backed Techniques for Pain-Free Progress

Personalized Attention for Every Athlete

Covers your lower body strength, while maintaining your olympic lifting.

Understand Your Injury

Our program ensures you receive the correct diagnosis, preventing prolonged discomfort and complications. This isn’t merely about addressing symptoms; it’s about uncovering the root cause and working towards a sustainable solution.

Feel the difference within the first weeks.

Get pain free now!

Who is this program for?

Pain when squatting, walking down stairs or palpation on the tendon

You’ve tried rest, different therapists, or rehab without your pain completely disappearing

Tendon pain that keeps recurring

You want to simple, easy-to-follow program that guides you every step of the way

You want to learn about your tendon and minimize the risk of re-injury





Details about the program

The program will start with a comprehensive examination of your knee to identify your symptoms, and maybe find some of the reasons for your pain. Inside the program our rehab coach Henrik Yttervik will be able to assist you if you have any questions.

The program is divided into 3 different phases and in each phase 3 different blocks



You will spend around 5-20 min to mobilize the tight muscles around your hip and knee. We don't want to stretch the tendon, but release tension in the muscles that affect the tendon.



The goal is to give the tendon some attention and pain free load.. Here we will spend some time in the beginning to find the right setup.



In this phase we will challenge you to use your new positions with more weight and get you back to those positions that have been irritating.

Choose a program validated by elite athletes at the highest levels of competition.

Henrik Yttervik, Dr. of Manual Medicine, Personal Trainer, and CrossFit Games athlete, has created this program with the latest science-based exercises and self-treatments specific for Crossfiters.

Get pain free now!

About the diagnosis

We used to think that the tendon becomes painful because of inflammation in the area. Now we know that it’s not an inflammation of the tendon, but a degeneration of the tendon.

That’s why it’s referred to as the “DONUT”. With a whole in the tendon. We can’t treat the whole, but we want to strengthen the area around it..
This is why rest wont help and we’re able to start the rehab right away.

In my lecture (video under) you can learn more about the different risk factors for this injury and how you can follow the program individually with my guidelines.

The goal of this program is to see if there are other reasons than “Too much, too soon” for your tendon. Which will not only relieve the pain of your tendon, but also learn your body to move more efficiently and in a more optimal manner.

If you’ve endured a traumatic injury, it’s advisable to speak with your healthcare provider before embarking on this program.

Reclaim your strength and accelerate your recovery.