Pain free shoulders

8-12 weeks program (not just a rehab program)

Screening & examination of your shoulder

Progress Tracking

Video Instruction

Trusted and tested by over 100+ athletes

Private Community with Coach access

During these 8-12 weeks our goal is not only to get pain free and stronger shoulders, but also learn about your shoulder pattern and how you can delegate the load better so you’re able to lift more weight pain free.

Get pain free now!

Who is this program for?

You’ve tried rest, different therapists, or rehab without your pain completely disappearing

Struggling with an overuse injury that keeps recurring?

You want to simple, easy-to-follow program that guides you every step of the way

You want a time-effective approach with proven results

You want to learn about your shoulder and minimize the risk of re-injury





Details about the program

The program is divided into 3 different phases and in each phase 3 different blocks.
We will start each phase with testing to screen your pain points, weaknesses or muscle tensions.



You will spend around 5-20 min to mobilize the tight muscles around your shoulder so we can improve muscle elasticity. Which makes it easier to move your shoulder / shoulder blade in a more optimal and pain free position.



The goal is to give the brain some attention. Here we will spend some time in the beginning to find the right setup.



In this phase we will challenge you to use your new positions with more weight and get you back to those positions that have been irritating.

Choose a program validated by elite athletes at the highest levels of competition.

Henrik Yttervik, Dr. of Manual Medicine, Personal Trainer, and CrossFit Games athlete, has created this program with the latest science-based exercises and self-treatments specific for Crossfiters.

Get pain free now!

About the diagnosis

The shoulder blade is the foundation of your shoulder stability, but the shoulder blade is only stabilized by the muscles attached to it, which makes it more challenging, compared to our ankles or pelvis. The goal is to separate the load instead of some muscles (trapezius, deltoideus, biceps) doing all the work which is a common reason for overloading the muscles and can lead to injury.

In this position we create a foundation for your shoulder blades and the stabilizing muscles to work together. Don’t rush with the weights. Find the right motoric pattern before you add too much muscle power!

The goal is to maintain the foundation of your shoulder blade while pressing or pulling anything overhead, no compensation. Film yourself to see how you engage the muscles on your back. Only increase weight when in control or when the pain is less than a 4 on a 1-10 scale.

Always talk to your physical provider before starting this program if you sustained a traumatic injury.

Reclaim your strength and accelerate your recovery.

Get pain free now!