When you are getting individual programming from Kriger Training you can expect a team of experienced coaches that cares for you and your development. We will use the successful Kriger program as a base, and make adaptations to it to best suit you, your strengths and weaknesses.

We believe that everyone responds differently on training and because of this we are very open about the fact that the first program you will get from us is what we THINK will work the best. However, the more we coach you, the program will be more what we KNOW is the best for you.

In order to get to know you as well as possible, we will start off with an assessment period, where we do the athlete profile testing and an evaluation to get to know you a little better as an athlete, and as a human being. By doing this,we can start you off as well as possible, and with the coach who suits you the best. (If you have done the Athlete profile testing recently, we will use that)

what you can expect

  • Personal progressions to attack your weaknesses
  • Video reviews and feedback on technique on the things we focus on
  • Adaptations on intensity/volume to best suit your goals and needs
  • Adaptations to make the program fit your schedule
  • A 30 min call every 8 weeks to talk through the last weeks and the upcoming weeks.
  • Help with gameplans and warm ups for Open, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, CrossFit Games and Functional fitness nationals qualifier, nationals and worlds. (For other competitions we try to help if time allows.)
  • Feedback and necessary adjustments every week
  • A coach who is available to answer questions around your training, but make sure to ask the questions 24 hours before you need the answers. (Questions sent during the weekend will be answered on monday)
  • Under normal circumstances you will have your training 7 days in advance.

what we expect from you

  • You tell us if you have any pain or injury at all.
  • You log your training regularly.
  • As soon as you know about any travel plans, work etc that will affect your training you let us know. The earlier the better and no later than 7 days before the event that affects your training is happening.
  • Add videos, write comments about your training. The more we know, the better work we can do.
  • Be open about how you feel about the training: If you feel that we should do something else in training you need to let us know. We create your program together with you and we are always open for feedback


During the year your coach has up to 5 weeks vacation. During this time you will have a program available but you will not get the regular feedback. It’s the coach’s responsibility to inform the athlete about the vacation as soon as possible and no later than 7 days before it takes place.