Boxprogramming Summer Block


This upcoming week we will be testing our 1 RM in both Snatch and Clean & Jerk to see what the last month of more focus on olympic lifting has given us. When this is done we start one of the most fun training blocks of the year: The Summer Block


While we most of the year have a specific focus for the training we are in where we try to maintain some capacities while giving room to do other capacities more to get them better the Summer Block looks a little bit different:


In the Summer Specific Training Block the key world is variation and it’s the time of the year where we do the most typical CrossFit workout of the year and you do not see the same structure week by week. A big reason for this is of course that many of our members are less frequently in the gym but it’s also because most members actually benefits from periods of training where it’s more variation.


Notable Workouts and Fitness Level Benchmarks:


June 10th: 1 RM Clean & Jerk+ Bennchmark “Ravenblood”

June 14th: 1 RM Snatch+ Fitness Level Benchmark Ingrid

June 19th: Todays Heavy Bear Complex

June 20th: Fitness Level Benchmark Fortitude

June 21st: Fitness Level Benchmark Lumberjack 20

July 5th: Fitness Level Benchmark Kelly

July 15th: Fitness Level Benchmark: Hotshot 19th

July 21st: Accid Bath


Read more about the Level System here:

More time to train during the Summer: What to do?

For many of the members there is often a relief to know that there is not a specific focus during the summer and it makes it easier to not stress while going on vacation. For athletes that are home during the summer and have less time of school/work there is still the possibility to work more and see progress in training:


The first recommendation is to set yourself 1-2 goals when it comes to skill training to achieve during the summer. When learning a new skill this is an approach that often work:


1, Am I strong enough?
A Few Examples: 

For Ring Muscle Up i really helps if you have a Strict Weighted Pull Ups at 30% of Bodyweight and a 110% of Bodyweight Bench Press

For Handstand Walk you need to be able to do a Wall Walk where you touch the nose to the wall.


If the answer is that you are not strong enough you need to start on a strength program rather than a technique program for the movement.


2, Yes I Am strong enough

If you are strong enough you should make a plan where you work on progressions towards the movement. As a general rule the frequency of sessions is often more important than the total volume within the session. We rather se you doing 5 attempts of Handstand Walk to Wall every training day that that you do 30 attempts in one day since this is more risk for your wrist.


If you need help to find progressions for different movements the best is always to talk to your coach in class that see you often and know a lot about you. Its also an option to have a look on our special programs here: . Everyone that follows the Boxprogramming gets the programs for 50% in June-August off by using the code “Box50”.


Training After the Summer:


After the summer we will restart the 12 week strength block divided in 3 miniblocks that we do every fall and often see great results from and it will be followed by Olympic and Gymanstic Blocks to prepare the best we can for the Open again.


Strength Block 1A starts August 19th