Box Programming New Block:

We are now done with our 8 week strength block and in this weeks testing we have seen a lot of PR:s. To keep everyone healthy and ready for each test we have waited with one test which is the Deadlift that we will do on wednesdays.

As we often do after a strength block we will now use our new strength and focus on olympic lifting. We like to do it in this order since we often are also lifting more in the more technical lifts.

Olympic Lifting Block:

The biggest difference you will see in this block from the last training block is that we will do a higher frequency of Olympic Lifting. In the daily wods we will keep one Snatch Session and one Clean & Jerk session and we will add one additional session of each lift on our pre wods that you should try to follow if you really want to make a difference during these 4 weeks in your OLY-technique.

In this block our focus will be to get more comfortable and faster under the bar. Since we in CrossFit often put a lot of time into pulling things from the floor we are often good at the power versions of the lift and for most the speed under the bar needs to get better.

To make it easier to work with this we will do many sessions where we start from different positions around the knee. By taking away the starting position and the knee passage it makes it easier to keep the bar close and we can focus more fully on pulling ourselves under it. 

Murph Prepp

While OLY is our main focus we also have memorial day coming up where we as always will do the Hero Workout Murph. We now that this for many is a big goal each year to improve upon and because of this you will on the last week leading up to it see more of Pull Up/Push Up and squats. This will also help us from getting too sore from Murph itself and help us train the week after.

Endurance/Tri Erg: Hyrox and Acid Bath Progression

In our later blocks we have kept both our Thrusday Endurance session as progressions where every other week we have a theme. In this block we will continue with the Hyrox Progressions every other week and for Tri Erg we will now start a progression towards the Workout Acid Bath (500 m Ski+500 m Row+1000 m Bike Erg) that we will test in a full sprint in 10 weeks. We will do the progression every other week while we keep every other week with more varety

Here is an overview of how the next month will look like:

Notable Workouts/Fitness Level Benchmarks:

Notable workouts and Fitness Level Benchmarks in this Block

14 Maj: Bodywiehgt Benchmark (5 RFT 35 DU+Run 200 m)
15 May: Deadlift test
27 May: Murph

*We will retest 1 RM snatch and Clean & Jerk in week 24 right after this block

Fitness Level Explanation: If you have not know about the Fitness Level we have written an explanation here: