Pre WOD:

Clean & Jerk 8 Sets:
6 sets*1 Power Clean & Jerk 70%+ of 1 RM Power Clean


Partneramrap 36 min
12 Double Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk 2×22,5/15kg
30m Double DB Farmers Walking Lunges 2×22.5/15kg
24 Toes to Bar
30 Wall Balls 9/6kg
36/28 Cal Row

Post WOD:

Upper Body Circuit:
3 Rounds:
12/12 SA DB Biceps Curl on GHD
12/12 SA DB Tricep Overhead Extension
12/12 SA DB Lateral Raises

Lower Body Circuit:
3 Rounds:
40 Sec Sandbag Bearhug Hold
20 Sec L Sit
Do a linear progression and either increase reps or weight from 2 weeks ago