Pre WOD:

A, Hang Power Snatch
5 sets*3 Low Hang Power Snatch 70% of 1 RM Power Snatch
B, Overhead Squats 3 sets*3 rep
Tempo Overhead Squat 70% 3 sec down, 1 sec in bottom, fast up


A, Deadlift: 3 set*3 Deadlifts 85%
B, Partneramrap 15 min:
30 Wall Balls 9/6 kg
30 Toes to Bar
30/22 Cal Erg

Post WOD:

Leg Accessories
2 set: 5/5 Front Rack Bulgarian Split Squats
Tempo: 3 sec down+3 sec upp Adjust weight to rir 1-2 (try to increase from two weeks ago)