Pre WOD:

A, Hang Snatch:
6 sets*2 Low Hang Power Snatch+1 Hang Squat Snatch
70%+ of 1 RM Power Snatch
B, Snatch Balance: 3 sets*3 Snatch Balance 80%+ of 1 RM Snatch
– Focus on max speed under the bar


A, Deadlift:
4 set*4 Deadlift 82%
B, E3MOM for 12 min:
400 m Run
Max Wall Walks/meter Handstand Walk
* No rest in between E3MOMs

Post WOD:

Leg Accessorie A:
3 Rounds for quality:
12/12 SL KB Leg Extension
15/15 Banded Hamstring Curl
6 Reverse Nordic Curl
– Increase either reps, ROM or weight from two weeks ago