Pre WOD:

Split Jerk:
A, EMOM 4 min:
3 Jerk Balance

B, EMOM 12 min:
1 Split Jerk 80%

C, 3 set*10 Sec Jerk Rack Hold
115%+ of 1 RM Jerk



As many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
300-meter row
10 deadlifts
50 double-unders


♀ 125 lb (56 kg)
♂ 185 lb (83 kg)


In this workout a lot comes down to transitions and execution of Double Unders. What will decide the rowing pace is at what pace you can still move directly to the Deadlift and be able to do big sets/unbroken Double Unders.

For the Rowing it is important to note that you do not win too much by having a 2 sec faster pace. For example the difference between rowing at 2:00/500 m and 1:58/500 m is 1.1 second which is easily lost in a slower transition or a miss of the Double Unders. Where you can loose time on the rower is in the transition to it and the start. Make sure that you see it as a mini sprint to get from the Double Under to the Rower and only use three pulls to get up to speed.

While the deadlifts are light you might start to feel your back after a few rounds because of the Hip Hinge of the Rower as well. If starting to feel your back too much, see if you can use your legs more on the rower and possibly split up the deadlift in 6-4 with a short break in between.

If you in the workout realize that you have gone out to hard the place to rest is between 100-300 m on the rower. Always get the rower up to your target speed since a lot of time can be lost by sitting for too long at a lower pace

Mental Preparation:

Be extra ready for the 7-15 min to hurt a lot. This is where you need to be extra tough in the transitions and to get up to speed directly when getting to the rower.
Be prepared for this to hurt and decide what you are going to tell yourself during this time in order to handle it. 

𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗺 𝗨𝗽:

A1, Row Techniaue Warm Up:
1-3 Rounds:
20 Arms Only
20 Back+Arms
20 Half Strokes
20 Full Strokes


A2, 5-10 min Row

B, Mobilization/Activation
10/10 Banded Hamstring Stretch (
10/10 Dynamic Couch Stretch (
15 Calf Raises

C, Build up to 10 rep Deadlifts at 83/56 kg, focus on finding the technique that cost you as little as possible

D, Prepare for Double Unders but keep the sets short since there are up to 500 Double Unders in the workout

E, E2MOM for 4-6 min
100 m Row
5 Deadlifts
20 Double Unders

Work your way up to Workout Speed