We are now moving on to our next training block for Kriger Box Programming. This block is designed to prepare us the best we can for the CrossFit Open that starts February 29th. While the main goal of our program is general health, CrossFit Open is still a fun event to have each year and we also know that many of you are using it as one test to see if we progress in our fitness together with the individual benchmarks we do each year.


For this block we do a lot of variation and this is the time of the year where we want to be ready to do anything to the best of our ability and apart from less olympic lifting than in the previous block a lot of the structure stays the same.


This block is a little longer than usual since we include the full CrossFit Open in it. Because of this it will be a 6 week long block and we have the following notable workouts in front of us:

Friday February 23rd: CF Open 19.2 variation

Friday March 1st: CrossFit Open 24.1

Friday March 8th: CrossFit Open 24.2

Friday March 15th: CrossFit Open 24.3


When we are done with this block we will after a week of deload start a Fitness Level Test where we do a few test during 2.5 weeks and with this we will be able to get a personal Fitness Profile that can tell us more about strength/weaknesses but also in the future will serve as a good benchmark to see if we progress in our training.




We really value the feedback we get from our members and because of this we are this year following a system where we ask for feedback after each block. For this block we had some new formats that we would like to get the feedback on+ your general thoughts about the training of course. Please write your feedback here: https://forms.gle/j1aWAQkWtp5JbtgS8