Pre WOD:

Split Jerk:
A, EMOM 3 min:
6 Split Jerk Behind the Neck 40% of 1 RM Jerk

B, EMOM 8 min:
1 Split Jerk 75% of 1 RM Jerk
– Increase weight if happy with the lifts


Partner Workout
2 min on/2 min off*8
225/200 m Row
8 Push Jerk 50/35 kg
Max Bar Facing Burpees
Each athlete works 2 min on/2 min off
Score is total BF Burpees

Post WOD:

3 Rounds for quality:
12/12 SA DB Biceps Curl on GHD
12/12 SA DB Tricep Overhead Extension
Biceps Curl on GHD:
SA DB Tricep OH Extension: