Pre WOD:

Daily Challenge: 10 min Air Squat Hold

Back Squats:
6 sets*2 Back Squat 85%/RIR 2-3
Focus on lifting as fast as possible on the way up


A, 4 set*3 Paused* Front Squats 70%+
*1 sec pause in bottom

B, Amrap 13 min:
10 Front Squats 40/30 kg
12 Toes to Bars
10 Front rack Alt Reverse Lunges 40/30 kg
10 V Ups
Rest 30 sec between rounds

Post WOD:

Zone 1-2 Add On: 30-60 min Zone 1-2 workout
Choose the thing you need the most of: Run Bike Ski Row
Add this as its own session during one day of the week