Pre WOD:

Daily Challenge: 10 min Air Squat Hold

Split Jerk:
8 set*2 Split Jerk* 75%
Rep 1= 3 sec pause in catch”


EMOM 32 min:
Min 1: X Cal Row
Min 2: X Bar Facing Burpees
Min 3: X Clean & Jerks 50/35 kg
Min 4: Rest
X=Your lowest number of reps on any round

Post WOD:

3 Rounds:

20 sec Straddle Raises
10 sec Rest
20 sec Straddle Hollow Rock
10 sec rest
20 sec Straddle Hollow Rock
Rest 2 min
* Work your way gradually more and more out to the sides on this one for the next 4 weeks
* Same time as last time where you try to do more/better reps