New Training Block and Survey of the Training Year:

We are now done with our first part of the Olympic Lifting Block and for the weeks around Christmas and New Years we are instead keeping the variation high since we know that many members have a hard time keeping a structure in their training during this time.

Some notable workouts that we have included in the upcoming 4 weeks:

Holleyman: Friday Dec 15th

12 Days of Christmas: Wednesday Dec 20th

Whats your Why (repeat from jan 6th last year): Monday Dec 25th

Incredible Barbell (repeat 2 jan 2022): Tuesday Jan 2nd 

We will restart the Olympic Lifting Progressions from the first week in January again and during this block we will also start our yearly Open Prep where you see more workouts in the Couplet and Triplet format and more light gymnastics on the program.

The dates for the 2024 year CrossFit Open has finally been released:

Week 1: Feb 29-March 4

Week 2: March 7-11

Week 3: March 14-18

While the goal of the Box Programming is mainly for our members to get better health, CrossFit Open is a good way to track progress year by year and off course also to have some fun with a competition. Because of this we will make sure to get you as ready as possible for this.

Box Programming Survey

We are doing many programs but few is so challenging as the Boxprogramming. The reason for this is that this program should fit everyone from the person that trains one day a week and the person that trains 6 days a week and want to compete in CrossFit.

In order to know where we are on the right track and where we need to improve we need your help and would be really glad if you could fill in the survey below.

Apart from general feedback on what we could do better we would also like specific answers on what you think about:

  • The 4 week Block Format
  • The Sunday Capacity Sessions
  • The Level 1-3 System

Link to Survey: