Pre WOD:

Daily Challenge: 10 min Air Squat Hold

A, Plyometric: 4 set*3 High Box Jumps
B, Kettlebell Carrys: 4 Rounds for max quality:
15 meter Front Rack/Overhead Carry
15 meter Front Rack/Overhead Carry (opposite Arms)
30 meter Front Rack Carry. Build up to as heavy weight as possible where you are able to hold perfect positions Front Rack/Overhead Carry: 1 arm overhead and one arm in Front Rack


A1: 4 sets*6 Rep Box Back Squat
75%/RIR 2
A2: 3 sets*10/10 SA KB Row RIR 2
Adjust Weight to RIR 2

B, 3 Rounds for time:
40 Air Squats
20 Russian Kettlebell Swing 24/16 kg
10 Strict Pull Ups
Cap 12 min

Post WOD:

Shoulder Health:
3 Rounds:
12 Incline Bench Y Raises
12 Incline Bench T Raises
12 Incline Bench W Raises
30-60 sec Passive Hang between rounds
YTW Raises: