We are now heading into our second part of our Strength Block where the structure of our training will look the same as for the last 4 weeks but you will gradually see the weights moving up and that the volume of weights are going down the closer we get to our test week (Week 45)


For Back Squat and Deadlift we will keep the max effort set approach for two more weeks while we for Front Squat and some of the Press Variations now will start to get used to heavier weights. For these movements you will often see that we are building up to today’s heavy 4,3,2 RM during these weeks. It is very important that this is a heavy set for the day but you should keep a safe and optimal technique without risking failure.


For those of you that are really trying to get strong this fall we recommend not only doing the daily wods but also including the Pre and Post Wod. Since we always want to make sure we still keep a high variety of time domains and that we want you to have the chance to get your heart rate up in all workouts we can not put too much strength volume into the workouts and that is where we use the Pre Post Wod to help us.


Testing Week:

To finish off this block we will do tests to make sure that the training we are doing is actually working and that we are getting stronger. We are also using the week to test some of the yearly benchmark workouts we have. In week 45 these are the test that we are doing:


Monday 6 nov: 1 RM Front Squat+Jackie
Wednesday 8 nov: 1 RM Power Clean+1 RM Strict Pull Up+ Grace
Friday 10 nov: CrossFit Total (Back Squat+Press+Deadlift)

Template of the next 4 weeks: