Pre WOD:

A, EMOM 5 min:
3 Hang Muscle Clean

B, E2MOM for 12 min (6 set)
5 Hang Power clean 70%+ Build up to a heavy 5 rep


A, Back Squat 3*4+

Weight: 83% of 1 RM Back Squat

B, Amrap 3 on/1 off*4

12 Alternating Back Rack Reverse Lunges 40/30

50 Double Unders

3 sets: 5 Push Ups+1 Wall Walk

Continue each interval where you left of the last one

Post WOD:

3 Rounds for quality:
30 GHD Sit Ups
24 sec L Sit (or Tuck L Sit)
* Only one set per round of GHD Sit Ups and L Sit
Scale down as needed