New Strength Block


After our first 4 weeks of Capacity Building where the focus has been to get back to training after the summer and build more tolerance for training we are now moving into a 4+4 week of strength training block.

During this block you will see more strength parts in both the daily wods and in pre/post wods.

For Squats and Deadlift we will follow a +set program where the last set of the day is always the most important and you should do as many reps as possible. This is the approach we have done often during the years and its a really effective way to get really strong with lower volume.

It looks like this:

3 sets*6+ Back Squat

Set 1+2: Do 6 reps as fast as possible
Set 3: Do as many reps as possible within good and safe technique. Goal should always be to do 2 extra repetitions.

Week by week the percentages will go up and if you are using BTWB it will tell you what weight you should lift and you can also see what you lifted the last time.

Since there is not too many sets per session it’s very important that you are really focused when lifting and are doing the reps as fast as possible.

For our Upper Body Pull and Push you will see a mix between us having some linear progressions that we do every other week and the other week we will do a lot of variation in both push and pull movements. Our reason for this is while there is some but not to much variation in different Squats and Pull from the floor we see a lot more variation in Upper Body Push Pull with a lot of different angles to press in depending on if we do Presses with DB, KB or Barbell, HSPU variations etc and for pull we do these both with a lot of stability in a bar but also with more instability with the Rope and Rings. Strength is very specific and it is important to train it in the ranges we want to use it. Since we want to be strong in all different presses and pulls we then need to make sure to hit all of these variations in training (while we still are doing specific movements often enough to keep progressions)

We will during this time also use the Pre WOD to get more volume in and if strength is important to you it will be a good idea to try to follow the training we are doing here. As a general you will notice that the Strength Training during wods is more intense than the strength training for Pre/Post wod that we want to use more to build volume.

Here is an overview of how the training will look:


As always you will always have the opportunity to train your heart in every session. Your health is the most important for us to impact and for a box programming then its important to have that option for everyday because the training days and frequency is different for every member. If you are an athlete that trains for 3+ days a week though its important to adjust intensity and not always go hard. 2 days of the highest intensity is enough and the best days to put these are on the sessions you see are red on our schedule