New Training Blocks and a Overview of our Yearly Plan


As we are slowly leaving the summer behind us many of you are now starting to get into more regular training routines again and we can move into more goal oriented training with more specific focus where we are gradually building up the training and putting focus on different aspects for each block.

Earlier years the training blocks we have done has varied between 6-12 weeks. A change for this year is that we will keep our blocks shorter in minicycles of 4 weeks that will build on top of each other. The benefit from this is that you as a member get more variation and we can more easily give you a broader fitness.

This is the outline of our block until the CrossFit Open that for many of us is a good yearly goal to have to track progress and to just have something to train for:


Week 34-37: Capacity Building (Build Tolerance for training)

Week 38-41: Strength Cycle 1 (+ Strict Gymnastics)

Week 42-45: Strength Cycle 2

Week 46-49: Oly Cycle 1

Week 50-52: General Training Block (Christmas/New Year)

Week 01-04: Oly/Gymnastic Cycle

Week 05-08 Open Prepp/Gymnastics

Week 09-11:  CrossFit Open


  • After this we will analyze feedback from you members about our training and do adjustments for the upcoming training season


Capacity Training Block:


In our first training block our aim is to help you prepare for the upcoming training blocks and you will see this mainly by doing more longer workouts where we include a lot of weightlifting movements (We are mainly preparing for our upcoming strength block). In the start of the block you will also see more High Rep Squats in both Pre/Post WOD.


Note that by both adding more weighted movements to the training and also doing more longer duration workouts we are affecting the intensity slightly negative. We are okey with this in order to build the tolerance for training that will later help us do more high intensity training closer to the CrossFit Open.


I want to add more Capacity Work to my training:


While the daily wods will be enough to build a solid foundation for the training that are coming up we know that we always have athletes that want to do more. Our recommendations for you is to add longer workouts at a low intensity where you keep your heart rate between zone 1-2. This is something that is best done in its own session if its a long workout or as a shorter duration Cool down workout.


Note that the benefit from this type of training is very specific to the movement pattern you are doing and if the goal is to increase endurance and capacity you should mimic that movement as much as possible by doing Bike Erg. If the Upper body pull needs better endurance you are better of with Ski Erg for example.


Kriger League:


New for this fall is that we will go through the first addition of Kriger League. The workouts will be included in the box programming where we are doing the first workout Friday September 8th. We hope to give more members something to look forward to each month and also one workout a month where you care a little more about preparations etc.


We will provide prices during the competition for different types of achievements and hope that as many of you as possible wants to join in on the fun (We have already more than 300 sign ups)


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