Pre WOD:

Snatch: EMOM 5 min:
1 Muscle Snatch+1 Hang Muscle Snatch
E90sec for 12 min:
1 Power Snatch+1 Hang Squat Snatch
Increase weight from 75% for every set where you are happy with your technique


EMOM 30 min:
1. Max Rep Rope Climbs
2. Max Rep Double DB Devil Press
3. Max Rep Box Jump Overs
4. Max Rep Toes to Bar
5. Max Rep Double DB Thrusters
6. Max Rep Burpee Box Jump
7. Max Rep Handstand Push Ups
8. Max Rep Double DB Push Jerks
9. Max Rep Double DB Box Step
10. Rest
DB Weight: 22.5/15 kg


Post WOD:

3 set*4 Bench Press RIR 2-3

3 set: 12 Barbell Biceps Curl
12 Barbell Skull Crushers”