Pre WOD:

A, 4 set*4 Rep Front Squat
83%/RIR 2

Adjust weight to where you could have done 2 more reps with no more than 1 deep breath between reps


A, Strength Capacity:
E2MOM for 12 min:
1, 6 Power Clean+12 Deadlift (65%+of
2, 6 Strict (Weighted) Pull Up+6
Strict Ring Dips

Build up as Heavy as possible
B, Amrep 3 min on/1 min off*3
400 m Run
Max rep Lat Burpee+Double Jump

Post WOD:

Core Capacity:
3 Rounds for quality:
22 KB Russian Twist in GHD 12/8 kg
22 sec Hollow Hold in GHD
16 GHD Sit Ups