New Training block

The next week’s training marks a new training period for Kriger Training Box Programming. We are just done with our last Olympic Lifting Block and as we move to the summer with a lot of you members having vacation and may not train with the same frequency as for the rest of the year our new block is built on variation.

During this block that lasts for 8 weeks total there is a lot of variation in training and our goal is to train many capacities in the same sessions. With this approach we can make sure that even the ones that are training less often still get enough training to maintain there capacities.

For Strength training you will see a lot of fun workouts where we do both different superset and also that we are reintroducing Strength Capacity sessions again where we do heavy workouts for time or in an Amrap format. This is effective both to get many different movement patterns in, and it also builds capacity for the Strength Training we are doing in the later training blocks during the fall.

For our Conditioning/Endurance you will see that there is room for more intensity more often during the week. For those of you that are still training with high frequency its important to choose which of these workouts you are pushing hard and witch workout you focus more on movement quality