We are going into our next phase of this training block that will focus more on Olympic Lifting. As always during our training blocks during the spring there is still a lot of variation in the training but with more frequency of Olympic Lifting than in previous block that were targeted more towards Strength.

We will keep a frequency of mostly two and sometimes three Olympic Lifting sessions in the daily wods and in addition to this you will notice that we will use the barbell a little more than usual in the metcons during this period. 

In addition to the daily wods we will do 1-2 OLY sessions in the Pre Wod. If you really want to see progress in your Olympic Lifting during this block you should try to follow these sessions as well.

For the Snatch our main focus for the full block will be to get better at keeping the bar close which in return also will help us get better balance in the lift and allow us to get faster under the bar. In our experience a smart approach for this is to in the beginning of the block do a lot of lift from the Hang position and then gradually work our way down in our start position as the weeks progress. Be patient here in the start of the block and really work on the focus points that are given for each session.

For Our Clean and Jerk we will start the block with different types of Complex where we in the same sessions get to lift both from the floor and from the hang position. For the Jerk we will mostly do Split Jerks and in almost every session you will notice that we will add a 2 sec pause in the catch of it. This is because we want to build a better base and awareness on where we land and the more comfortable we get here the faster and more decisive you will be able to be in your lift.

Benchmarks/Notable Workouts during this block:

We have a few benchmarks during this block with Murph as the most notable workout coming up in a few weeks. For the 2 first week of the block you will see an increase of Push Ups and Pull Ups in the daily wods to help us prepare for the volume here. Apart from Murph we will also do the Benchmark workouts Grettel,Ingrid,Jackibell and DT which are shorter benchmarks where the barbell is the main part of the workouts which makes them fit good into this training block.

In the end of the block we will of course also test our 1 Rm Snatch, Clean and Jerk

Notable Upcoming workouts: 
Grettel: May 19th
Murph: May 29th
Ingrid: June 9th
1 RM Snatch: June 19th
Jackibell: June 19th
1 RM Clean: June 21st
DT: June 21st
1 RM Jerk: June 23rd


Wolfpack Training becomes Kriger Training:

As you have seen we have now changed the name from Wolfpack Training to Kriger Training Box Programming. The main cause of this change is that we want to put all our focus on building one brand of training program instead of 2. Off course we also hope that this could help boxes with getting more Open Gym Athletes to join the workout of the day more often.

The changes will also allow us to put more effort and resources into all aspects of the program in the future and our first step towards this is to do a member survey where we want the answers from both you coaches and the members at your box. This will help us when planning the training for the upcoming year. We would be very happy if you both answer and also share this survey with the members at your box: https://forms.gle/e4Rm9qRNMuX6uLaA9

Exactly what is changing:

1, Name Change: Wolfpack Training Becomes Kriger Box Programming
2, You will access the program at krigertraining.com
3, We will use more time and effort to make the program better. There is no change in BTWB account, goal of the program etc.