Pre WOD:

A, EMOM 6 min:
1 Hang Muscle Snatch
Build up to a heavy but safe Hang Muscle Snatch

B, Snatch EMOM 10:
1 Squat Snatch from block

Start at mid thigh with the barbell, Adjust this for Hang Snatches if you do not have blocks
Start at 65%of 1 RM and increase weight for each set


A, OLY Complex:
6 set:
2 Power Clean
2 Hang Squat Clean
2 Paused Split Jerk (2 sec)

Start at 65% and increase

B, Grettel
10 RFT:
3 C&J 60/40 kg
3 BF Burpees

Cap 10 min

Post WOD:

Pull Finisher:

Level 1: 3 Supinated Pull Up (Partnerassisted if needed)
Level 2: 1-2 Legless Rope Climbs
Level 3: 3 legless rope climps with contoll and minimal kip.

3 rounds for quality:
12 seasaw dumbbell press
12 seasaaw dumbbell rows
12/12 biceps curls on GHD.