The Kriger Training Program is designed for anyone who wants to be a competitive CrossFit athlete. This program is based on the training philosophy for the 2019 Second Fittest Woman on Earth and 8-time CrossFit Games athlete Kristin Holte.

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Kristin Holte Sled Push

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    Kriger Training – CrossFit Program

    Kriger Training – CrossFit Program

    A program designed for anyone who wants to be a competitive CrossFit Athlete. Based on Kristin Holtes training philosophy.

    Kriger Training CrossFit 


    «A person who never gives up and beyond all obstacles manage to be successful»

    The philosophy behind Kriger Training is quality over quantity and to educate the members to understand why we do what we do and how to get the most out of every single training session. You will get detailed insight into how we program and why we do it this way, what the goal is for each block, and for every single session. We start each day with a Mindset Track to set you up for success.

    We offer a Monthly subscription program, The Kriger Training Program, and several 6-10 weeks speciality programs.

    Let`s help you reach your goals!

    Kristin Holte

    Kristin started CrossFit in 2012 and have become one of the most consistent athletes in the Sport of CrossFit. She has been to The CrossFit Games 8 consecutive times with a Second place finish in 2019 as the highlight of her career. Kristin was first known for her endurance, but has over the years shown that hard work over time pays off. She has worked on her weaknesses, improved year by year and proven that she is one of the best to ever compete in CrossFit. Her focus on details and #Kriger mindset has gotten her this far, and now she is ready to share her secrets.